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Art classes

Fairy art classesMy art classes are not only fun but aimed at improving your child’s development. Children naturally love art, and by nurturing this attraction to creativity at an early age, they can enjoy a developmental head start in life physically, emotionally & intellectually.

In each group class skills are developed, practiced and refined, with the teacher acting as a guide towards discovery and learning. Skills in drawing are developed from the early classes. As the children mature, “guided experimentation” is the dominant methodology employed, with children being taught to experiment and encouraged to learn from each other and the teacher.

Children develop confidence in their drawing , whilst learning about organising their ideas and projects.

These classes are designed to inspire, challenge, develop skills, and keep art fun. Over the term a wide variety of materials will be used, many of which children have not used before. Experimentation is encouraged!  As well as lessons including elements of drawing and painting, we will also discover printmaking, mixed media, and much more.

Day and times:
Thursday’s and Friday’s
Located in Kuluin
$25 per lesson
All materials provided.

Please note that each project will take at least two lessons to complete.

Class size- up to six children

Art classes for school aged children promotes relaxation, imagination and creative expression. Enrol in a Whimsical mixed media art class at Spritely Designs today!

Holiday Workshops

Classes are also run over the school holidays and with a variety to choose from.  These are also run on a Thursday and a Friday afternoon with a duration of up to 2 – 2 1/2 hours to complete an entire project.


“Ayesha’s art classes are magical and special. I love them because we create beautiful masterpieces and we learn to take pride and care in our art” ~ Ava, 7

“I have been blessed to have my children know Ayesha from when they were little, with so many face paintings over the years. Now my 7 year old daughter gets to do art classes with her favourite “Eeshie” and every piece she creates is worthy of framing. I couldn’t think of anyone better to nurture and shape her creativity. The only downside is that we are going to need more walls in the house to hang all the art!” ~ Donna Moritz, Ava’s Mum

“Wow just wow… So much more than an art class.  Liana has come out of her shell and her confidence has soared since starting art classes with you.  Your passion and talents don’t go unnoticed with the art that Liana is producing and bringing home.  I’m still taken back by how impressive it is.  Thank you for everything that you are and do.  You are one of a kind Eeshie.” ~ Phillipa and Liana xx

“Ayesha Henderson is the most creative and inspiring artist I know! Her passion for all things creative blows my mind as you can see it is her true passion and love! My daughter absolutely adores Ayesha, says she’s fun and funny! I’m so impressed by the artworks that are created during the kids art classes, my daughter is hooked and can’t wait for her next class! Thankyou Ayesha ! We love you!!” ~ Suzanne McFadden

“Ayesha is a fantastic teacher that makes the class a lot of fun. Its inspiring, awesome, fun and magnificent, and its great for all ages and talents.” ~ Lily, 9

“Art class with Ayesha is wonderful for my daughter, she is 9 and is learning so much. She has learnt a full range of genre so far, from portraits, mixed media, water colours etc. The way that Ayesha teaches the class is fun and exciting and keeps the kids wanting to do more. The excitement on my girls face when she brings home her new “masterpiece” to show us is priceless. My daughter has always been creative, but with the help of these classes she is becoming a great little artist. I would recommend Ayesha’s art classes to anyone.” ~ Gayle Jessen, Lily’s Mum

“My daughter Ava absolutely loves her classes with Ayesha! We drive 1.25hrs just because her classes are ‘awesome’ as Ava says and she adores ‘Eeshie’. Ayesha ‘aka Eeshie’ is very talented and her teaching skills definitely reflect the incredible art pieces that Ava brings home. Highly recommend.” ~ Annette Leaman

“Ayesha has been our friend, neighbour, teacher and inspiration for a number of years now. My daughters favourite activity of the week was always her art classes. They learnt many new skills, gained confidence & made new friends. Ayesha also did a 10th birthday party canvas art session for us. This was a huge hit with everyone involved. I would highly recommend Ayesha & her classes & services. She is professional, talented, creative and lots of fun. In my my daughters words ‘she is just amazing’ ~ Justine Moultrie

“Ayesha is an inspirational and beautiful person, and she can make an artist out of anyone.  She makes me feel so special, like I’m on top of the world.  So kids who want to have love like this, go to Ayesha’s art lessons.  She’s almost like a second mum.” ~ Scarlett, 10

“Ayesha is an amazingly talented and nurturing educator. She possesses a rare ability to elicit genuine interplay with a broad range of ages due to her warm approach and caring nature. Ayesha’s consistent encouragement and helpful tutelage brings out creative sparks in children, who wholeheartedly enjoy working alongside her. My son (10.5 yrs) continues to remember and talk about his ‘Eeshie’ – even 7 years down the track.” ~ Danielle Jones